Superfood Performance
Superfood Performance

Superfood Performance

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Top up your horse feed with the goodness of hemp! Praise Hemp Superfood Performance is a nutritious supplement composed of 31% Protein and 29% Fibre to help support Muscle Health, Skin and Coat and Energy.

EASY ON TUMMY does not contain trypsin enzyme inhibitors that block protein digestion, such as those found in legumes (soybeans, which are mostly GMO and also contain phyto-estrogens), grains (wheat) and nuts that cause food intolerances or allergies.

HEALTHY DOSE OF ESSENTIAL AMINO ACIDS– the building blocks found in protein and hemp offers an excellent protein quality.

Ingredients: Hemp meal

Available sizes: 9.1kg (20lb) bag 

Feeding instructions: Horses 500g (2 cups), Ponies 250g (1 cup) per day, mixed into feed. For additional support, double the dosage or as recommended by your veterinarian.This product is intended for supplemental feeding only. Use as part of your horse’s healthy eating plan.

31% PROTEIN | 9% FAT | 29% FIBRE